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A sequel to the challenging retro metroidvania Flooded Tech! You do not need to have played the prequel to play this game.

Made for Metroidvania Month Jam 21!


Once a renowned scientist, Nina's father created a pill that could increase one's longetivity. Nina was sent on a mission to retrieve this pill, and succeeded. Her previous mission being a success, she is now asked to return once again to the facility, and explore further than the mossy rooms she encountered on her first trip. Little does she know, her father was involved in something even greater, and she will learn about the whereabouts of StarSeed Laboratories, and what they've created.


The ruined facility contains many dangers. Be aware of your environment, and scan what stands out to gather more knownledge and increase your experience, thus increasing your health and oxygen capacity! Swim through various paths and gather upgrades to uncover new ones. But beware of the creatures lurking in the depths of the labs...


Although shown in-game, here are the controls: on keyboard, arrows to move, Z to jump, X to scan (and Z to target an object), S to use the first upgrade and C to use the second. On controller: D-pad to move, A to jump, B to scan (and A to target an object), LB to use the first upgrade and RB to use the second. You can crawl by pressing down, and you can get out of the water by getting close to a ledge and moving upwards.


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