Made for Platformer Week Game Jam and Weekly Game Jam #86 with darkness and platform to heaven themes.

I'm pretty proud of this game, I got to make a kind of inventory for weapons using arrays and make a proper walking animation for the player. I also think I got to make narrations without bugs, please tell me in the comments if you find some!

Controls are explained in-game, and controller is supported

Have fun!


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Thanks for playing! I did play a lot of Zeldas xD, with Link's Awakening being my favorite 2D Zelda game. Pretty excited for the remake on the Switch. I speedrunned some Metroid games (which I do think are platformers, especially the 2D ones), and X always was my jump button. Guess we all have our preferences, I should really invest in a custom control system for next jams. The map also is in the style of Super Metroid's one, with pink rooms, but with a paper map background, a bit like Zelda. The torch also was in my plans, but didn't make it to the game due to lack of time. I tried to do graphics in the style of Castlevania, and add different types of weapons. And controlelrs aren't another type of controllers. It's just me writing in a rush. Good job on finishing ToL!

Nice job! I enjoyed the music and that you could save! Although I feel that the arrow are too hard...

Using the arrows is too hard? I would've liked to put custom controls, but time was flying, so I skipped it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯